Antonius and Jungleman12 win big online

Antonius and Jungleman12 win big online

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

For some people winning a bracelet can be the highlight of a poker career. For Patrik Antonius though, a bracelet is just a piece of jewellery, and not an especially nice one at that. It's something great to own to not something to get especially worked up about, especially when there is more serious cash to be made online.

While the likes of Durrrr and Phil Ivey have been battling away in the Rio in search of an aforementioned bracelet, Finland's finest has been earning some big wins online. He is the biggest online winner so far this month showing a profit of around $345k in June. The Finn was in the black to the tune of $178k last week despite playing just 343 hands.

Jungleman12 has also been busy these past few days, taking on new Victory pro Odonkor1 in a 1,000 hand $100/$200 NL Hold'em match. The elusive Jungleman12 came out on top, taking the young Swede for around $100k.

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