Antonius Wins $500k But Not In durrr Challenge

Antonius Wins $500k But Not In durrr Challenge

Monday, 27 July 2009

Despite Niki Jedlicka putting in an unfeasible amount of hands to crush all comers at high-stakes PLO, Patrik Antonius has fought back. Initially he was a big loser against Jedlicka but when the two played an epic heads-up duel, Antonius’s 20,000 hands against durrr paid off as he won over half a million dollars.

Patrik had over $730k at one table, more than 12 regular buyins. Niki left another table with close to $700k but he still lost a huge amount on the other sessions so his total loss for the day was more than $600k.

One hand saw a pot five-bet pre-flop, Antonius making it $56,600 with Ad-Ah-3h-2s. Unfortunately when the two got it in on the flop, Jedlicka held Td-8s-Js-7h and the board read Jh-9d-3d, giving Jedlicka around 60% equity. The Qc sealed the deal on the river to ship Jedlicka the pot.

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