Antonius Takes Lead in durrrr Challenge

Antonius Takes Lead in durrrr Challenge

Thursday, 27 August 2009

It looks like the durrrr vs Antonius challenge is well underway again – not only did Antonius win a large sum in a session on Tuesday; but the two played for 1,200 hands yesterday – during the course of this game, Antonius won $415,000 and thus totally erased the lead that Dwan had built two months ago.

In June, the two had played a 15-hour session during which durrrr created a gap in his favour of over $700,000. The session earlier this week saw Patrik erase half of that debt, and yesterday he took the lead for the first time in months.

Not only was Dwan playing a far more cautious style than we’re used to seeing from him, but he often allowed his stack to fall to as little as $30,000 or less during the course of the games. By the end of the session, Antonius had won four of the five $150,000+ pots that took place and had a $200,000 stack on all four tables, up easily $500,000.

Fortunately for durrrr, he won the last pot when he hit a miracle two pair on the turn that held up against AAxx after getting it in with top pair on the flop – this was a $229,000 pot and the day’s largest.

The two also discussed playing today – you can follow the action at Full Tilt Poker.

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