Antonius Storms High Stakes Tables at Full Tilt

Antonius Storms High Stakes Tables at Full Tilt

Thursday, 15 October 2009

While Patrik Antonius may be trailing behind in Tom Dwan’s Million Dollar Challenge, he is certainly making up for it in other games. He and durrrr played a session of $300/$600 PLO with Phil Ivey, during which Antonius walked away $116,000 to the good.

Shortly after, he played just 237 hands of $300/$600 and $500/$1,000, winning $538K against OMGClayAiken and Ziigmund – it was his fellow Finn who suffered the worst loss, dropping over $400,000 in a very short space of time.

The biggest hand of the day saw Ziigmund and Antonius playing over 250 big blinds deep in a 3-bet pot. Ilari bet the full pot of $12,800 on the Ah-Ts-8s flop and saw a call from Antonius, who then raised the $35,000 turn bet all in on fourth street, the 3h. Ziigmund called with AKJ7 for top pair, the nut flush draw and an inside straight draw but Antonius had him covered and dominated with AJT6 for top two pair – he faded the outs to take a $277,000 pot.

Watch the nose-bleed action live as it happens on Full Tilt Poker.

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