Andreas Tobergsen closing in on $1m profit for 2011

Andreas Tobergsen closing in on $1m profit for 2011

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Andreas Torbergsen is having a killer year at PokerStars, closing out his latest session with a nearly six-figure win over Isildur1 at the $50/$100 Omaha tables. He booked a total profit of $70k to take him over the $900k milestone on PokerStars.

Torbergsen, who plays as Skjervoy online, lost over $600k at Full Tilt until the AGCC stopped the doomswitch and he moved permanently to PokerStars. He has made close to a million dollars on PokerStars this year, putting him well in the black despite his earlier losses.

Isildur1 has been involved heavily in the high stakes action since Black Friday and especially since Full Tilt Poker closed doors. His swings are still going strong and while at the time of writing he is up over $300k for 2011 that could all change by the time you finish reading this sentence.

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