“yuvee04” wins his fourth FTOPS title in FTOPS XV

 “yuvee04” wins his fourth FTOPS title in FTOPS XV

Monday, 22 February 2010

Very few people can claim to have won multiple major tournament titles, but one Yuval Bronshtein has joined that elite few by netting his first FTOPS XV title in Event #23 last night. Oh, it’s his fourth overall. Nice going.

However, there was some controversy in his win that many will question. When play was three-handed the multiple FTOPS winner put forward an interesting proposition:

yuvee04: hey i will give u guys each an extra 5k if i can have the title
yuvee04: and we can end it right here
stalex107: lol cool w me
yuvee04: its obviously important to me

Essentially, he was offering a regular chip-chop deal but with an extra $5,000 to each of his opponents. As Bronshtein was chip leader, this was obviously +EV for them. After Specialkmaster haggled his way to an extra $2,500 the deal was struck and both players raise-folded until Bronshtein had all the chips and his fourth FTOPS title.

The official results for the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XV Event #23 final table were:

1st: Yuval “yuvee04” Bronshtein ($72,760.68)
2nd: Specialkmaster ($66,359.96)
3rd: stalex107 ($58,404.16)
4th: Tabalaba ($34,452.00)
5th: jgmrt3 ($26,100.00)
6th: Maksim “GETGOT” Marandeyev ($18,792.00)
7th: geeforce1 ($12,528.00)
8th: why do I call ($9,396.00)
9th: Christian “da_professional” Iocabellis ($6,681.60)

You can join the FTOPS action at Full Tilt Poker.

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