“all in 2526” goes all-in around 2,526 times for Sunday Million.

“all in 2526” goes all-in around 2,526 times for Sunday Million.

Monday, 25 July 2011

OK, he probably didn’t go all-in 2,526 times but it can’t be too far off. The Sunday Million on PokerStars yesterday attracted 6,383 players to give us a prize pool of more than seven figures as well as a first place prize touching on $200,000. With 987 players paid, even making the money was just the start of another large-field tournament.

At the final table, all in 2526 came with a pretty average stack and chipped up nicely until we were five-handed when he won a big lopsided flip holding A-T to A-K. He came from behind with broadway to take the pot and the chip lead. Three-handed, the final players made a deal that gave chip leader tollgate $153k and both Janosch and all in 2526 $133k. The eventual winner’s A-T came through again, winning against the slightly-less-dominating 4-2o of Janosch to give him a nearly 2-1 chip lead heads-up against tollgate.

Eventually, allin 2526 got it in as good as you can get, holding A-A to A-5 on a 4-5-7 board. He held and took the extra $20,000 set aside post-deal for the winner. The full results are as follows:

1. all in 2526 (Israel) *$153,839.22
2. tollgate (Australia) *$153,837.36
3. Janosch (Austria) *$132,243.92
4. sjaak2afhaak (Netherlands) $70,213.00
5. Illbill87 (Germany) $53,617.20
6. wizowizo (Germany) $40,851.20
7. ilona_iuby (Romania) $28,085.20
8. piratepeaty (Canada) $15,319.20
9. Polymathes (Russia) $9,893.65

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