‘Raptor’ beats Ziigmund for $180,000 at CAP PLO

‘Raptor’ beats Ziigmund for $180,000 at CAP PLO

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond yesterday Tweeted: “where have all the games gone?” Well, his buddy David “raptor417” Benefield got some at the CAP PLO tables, taking on Ziigmund for 620 hands and taking back $181,000.

Finnish Ziigmund was his usual boisterous self in the chat box as Benefield won capped pot after capped pot. Sahamies is well known for his gamble and the chat shows he wasn’t happy that they were playing a CAP game:

Ziigmund: mr raptor
Ziigmund: and if u wanna play without cap
Ziigmund: im in
David Benefield: if u wanna play NL im in
David Benefield: we can both pick games we better at
Ziigmund: but if not we can continue this later tomorrow
David Benefield: ill do
David Benefield: 2 nl 2 plo deep

In the end, they continued the CAP games until Ziigmund went to bed $181,000 poorer. It’s a minor blip on his September thus far though as Sahamies has earned just over $250,000 in the past two weeks. You can watch the six-figure swings at Full Tilt Poker.

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