World of Ziigmund

World of Ziigmund

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Finland's second most famous poker player shares his thoughts on online poker, Isildur1, tattoos and the Durrrr Challenge...

Online poker

Last time I said I’d had enough of online poker but now I feel OK. I haven’t played much. I lost a lot at the end December – a little bit over $2 million to Isildur1. But now I have much better feeling. I was winning – I don’t know – maybe $3.1 million against Isildur, so I think I’m still up one million or so. I don’t really know. Last year I finish $3.3 million in profit, which is OK. It should be more because I play too many times tired or when I don’t care.


I think Isildur is very good in No Limit – one of the best players in the world. In Omaha, I think I have a small edge against him. I think I do, anyway, otherwise I wouldn’t play him. When he plays nine tables heads up against durrrr, Ivey and Antonius at once, you got to give him respect.

At first I thought he was crazy, so I asked him to coin-flip for a lot of money, and he didn’t want to. So I think he is not so crazy, like people think. I think he just loves to play.


I haven’t had a drink in four days. I had a very nice New Year – lots of drinking and crazy bets, but now I’ll start to train – lots of swimming and jogging and gym. No playing in hangover. A little but drinking, but not so much. I’ll play a lot more this year than last year, but I’m going to have holiday too. I haven’t had holiday in, like, a few years.


I had to get a tattoo because I lost a bet. It was with my friend – scissors, paper, stone, and he won. This is now the third “tattoo bet” I lose. It’s no big deal.

Durrrr Challenge

I did the Durrrr Challenge in London. We played for 12 hours. We played $500-$1,000 blinds to $3,000-$9,000 blinds. He was lucky against me – after about 2 hours I got him all-in, and then he got me all-in and I was lucky against him. I ended up losing $67,000 or something like that, which is almost even. It was very hard playing for 12 hours and after that match I went to play against Isildur. I was very tired and I lost one million or something. Nothing special.

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