World of Ziigmund

World of Ziigmund

Monday, 5 October 2009

Everybody’s favourite nihilistic, high-stakes Finn gives us a peek into his world. Looks like we might have caught him at a bad time...


Yesterday I lost $1.5 million. I played against durrrr and I was about $500k down. I won a little bit back so I was only down about 250k. Then I started to play Phil Ivey. I lost first four pots and was down £650k. Then we made five coin flips and I lost all of them, so I lost like $400k or $500k in coinflips. I say to Phil, “I am not going to London now. I am jumping from balcony.” (Just joking). He says, “Aw, I won’t have anyone to coin flip with.”

Then I played on Betfair and then a little more on FullTilt and I didn’t win one pot on FullTilt. So sick. But I couldn’t care less. I played bad and got unlucky and now I don’t play internet poker for a while. In this moment I don’t care so much about internet poker. I’m going to London next week to play live tournaments and try to get good mood back to my head. It’s nothing special. It happens. Poker is bitch.

Fear Factor

I was on Finnish reality TV programme Fear Factor. I had to do some crazy stuff like I was sunk in water and I ate some worms and some other bullshit. Nothing special.

Record Breaker

I was the first person to be sitting on a table at Full Tilt with more than a million dollars. That time I played very aggressive. Every pot was, like, £50k and more. I didn’t feel anything when it goes over a million. I couldn’t care less. Actually I hate poker now and I hate poker before yesterday also. I have a lot of other things to do in Finland now, so it’s OK.


Vegas was cool this year. It was lot of drinking and lot of cash game. I was there over one month and I only play one tournament.


I can eat six kebabs in a day. With hangover. I start at breakfast. You know, maybe I can do seven.

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