Sami 'Lars Luzak' Kelopuro

Sami 'Lars Luzak' Kelopuro

Monday, 16 November 2009

Ever delved through an old record collection and found a classic? I am talking Now 39: Billie Myers: 'Kiss the Rain', Lighthouse Family. Oh yes, that compact little double CD box had the lot. Well, rummaging around in the Bluff archives, we have managed to dig up an interview with Sami Kelopuro done just after this year's WSOP. Hardly ancient stuff but surely a classic in the making...

How did you get in to poker?

Some of my friends played back in 2006, they introduced me to hold'em and I liked it a lot and started playing some home games and online.

You suddenly appeared on the high-stakes tables one-day, was it a long and tedious grind up the stakes before that?

I played small stakes about 6 months before my breakthrough. Then I jumped up in stakes really fast, and was playing 25/50 and 50/100 after a few more months. A little bit later I played in the highest games and started at Full Tilt too. You have to remember that the highest game back then was 200/400.

Were you excited to finally play against the big boys?

Yes, of course. Like anyone else I didn't think it would be possible to play in those games with all the famous high stakes players, but my dream came true.

How has the high-stakes action treated you recently?

Not too good, I'm struggling with pretty bad downswing right now, but I like the action online right now, so I'm not too worried, it'll turn around.

How did you fare at the WSOP this year? Any deep runs/cashes?

No cashes, my deepest run was in my first event, the high stakes NL. I busted a few places before the money.

Were you more interested in the action at Bobby’s room than playing in the actual WSOP itself?

Definitely. The games were so big - it made WSOP events feel like ridiculously small.

What do you enjoy most about being in Vegas?

Vegas is like paradise for poker players. Good hotels, clubs, restaurants, cash games, all the players are there during the series. It's cool for like two weeks - I spent over 6 weeks in Vegas this year which was too much.
You just get sick of all that and want to go back to "normal life".

How well do you get on with Patrik Antonius and Ziigmund? Is there a rivalry there or do you Fins stick together?

We're all good friends with each other. Even though we play together and one might lose or win a lot – in the end it's just poker, it's nothing personal.

Were you present when Ilari lost a reported $2.4m pot at Bobby's Room? Was he drunk?

No, I wasn't, I think I was back home already. I don't know if he was drunk.

Did you go out partying with them at all?

I wanted to do Vegas a little differently this year, mostly because I was staying there for so long. I took it easy this year, not too much partying - different from last year.

What are your opinions on the durrrr challenge so far?

Looks like durrrr is going to take it down, he is ahead a lot. They don't play often enough, it takes forever.

Do you think you will take him up on the challenge?

I don't know. I believe there are some other players in line before me. It's going to take a long time before he is done with everyone else so I have a lot of time to decide.

Who do you think is the best online cash player you have come across?

Might be durrrr, depends on the day and the game.

What are your opinions on Luke Schwartz? In his interview with Bluff Europe he said you were one of the few people he respected. Do you guys get along? Have you met?

He is a good NL hold'em player. We do get along and yes, I've met him.

What are your goals for the rest of 2009?

To get even on Full Tilt Poker.

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