JP Kelly aka MavFish

JP Kelly aka MavFish

Thursday, 3 September 2009

He may have returned home from Vegas with bracelet in tow, but JP Kelly’s feet remain firmly on the ground…

Has the bracelet changed the stakes you play online? Will you be playing more live?

No, it hasn't changed anything, really, about my online play, and yes, I will be playing more live: GUKPT Luton, APT Macau and APPT to start with. I enjoy live a lot and will get back into it at the expense of online play.

As a player with both live and online experience, do you think the online pros will eventually dominate live too?

I don't think they’ll dominate totally but I can see more and more at the table every time I play. Live tourneys are much deeper-stacked than online tourneys and you are also only focussing on one table, so I think there is a big difference and some don't make the necessary adjustments to the two disciplines. And vice versa, some live pros struggle with online.

What players do you respect in the world of online poker?

Moorman1, badpab2, allinstevie and geeforce1 were all instrumental in taking my game to the next level online after staying with them for a month discussing situations, hands, players and plans for hands. I absorbed so much from them and plugged a few leaks in my game, and watching them navigate through tournaments was an eye opener for me. From a cash point of view, I have learnt a lot off Mark Vos as well – he’s an excellent Pot Limit Omaha cash player and offers more alternatives to beating the games than most players. There are also a load of others who I don't know personally but admire their games, like westmenlo, AJKHoosier and ActionJeff.

Is there anything about your online game which you’d like to change?

Many things, like my concentration, game selection and knowledge of players. I feel like my online game was very good before the WSOP and now I need to refocus to get back to where I was.

What are your current goals in online poker? Are you bothered about getting recognition as an online player?

No, not at all. I feel it’s better to be more anonymous online as it is easier to get games, especially when you play heads-up. Too many people want to look good, as opposed to playing good and winning money, which is the main goal at the end of the day.

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