iPoker Taking on the Bots

iPoker Taking on the Bots

Friday, 1 November 2013

The issue of bots in the online poker world has been a constant concern for many players over the last few years and now it seems the iPoker network is beginning to take the issue more seriously. Although many networks and sites have worked hard to address the issue it's often been the case that unlawful accounts have been able to continue grinding.

However, thanks to iPoker's association with PokerStrategy.com it's hoped they can tackle bots more effectively. Since iPoker's parent company, Playtech, purchased PokerStrategy earlier this year the two companies have worked together to implement a number of changes.

Indeed, with PokerStrategy providing the voice of the community it now seems that Playtech are going to use their insight to help clean up the iPoker Network and rid it of bots.

The news came viaa forum post in the German section of the site and explained that any accounts that are reported as suspicious by PokerStrategy community members will be given high priority for investigation.

Although Playtech hasn't gone as far as to say how they carry out their investigations, they have stated that of the accounts already reported 58% have been closed, whilst 18% remain under investigation with the other 24% cleared.

The collaboration certainly seems to be a good thing for the network and could well set a precedent throughout the industry.

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