iPad poker remote control launched

iPad poker remote control launched

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The full potential of the iPad hasn't really been realised as far as online poker is concerned but one UK firm is trying to rectify that with the launch of an Online Poker Remote Control.

The new app from Smarter Controls is available from the iTunes store and enables users to turn their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a touch screen remote control linked directly to an online poker room.

Features on offer include bet, check and fold buttons, a +/- Bet Slider, x2 x3 x5 Pot and All-in Bet Buttons, Table Switching, Lobby Controls, Sit-In/Sit-Out, Blind Controls. Four different versions of the software are currently available and are compatible with a wide variety of poker rooms including Pokerstars.com, FullTiltPoker.com, AbsolutePoker.com, EverestPoker.com, 888Poker.com, PartyPoker.com, UB.com, CakePoker.com, LadbrokesPoker.com, TitanPoker.com and ParadisePoker.com.

“You just can’t beat having lighting fast controls in a game where your money is at stake.” read a statement from Smarter Controls. “Let’s face the truth, we have all clicked the wrong bet button or size or missed a turn due to the fact that the mouse just isn’t designed according to the poker game.”

The Poker Controls app comes with a lifetime of free updates with extra features set to be added on a weekly basis.

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