Towering stacks and fierce action at the Ec Poker Tour, Malta.

Towering stacks and fierce action at the Ec Poker Tour, Malta.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

We are just a level or two away from getting ‘in the money’ and concentration levels are now at their highest levels. All of the EC Poker Tour players are fully aware that this is one of the most crucial stages of the game.

With the tendency for some well stacked players to play the waiting game, their more aggressive opponents are taking advantage of the situation by seeing more flops and placing bigger bets. This may enable such loose players to steal more blinds and cause the ‘rocks’ to see less flops so they may avoid paying heavily to peek at the community cards.

The blinds are now at 600/1200 +100 in antes and the tournament is progressing at an extremely quick pace, with a less than proportionate distribution of chips held by the remaining players in the tournament. There are many short stacked players at the tables with a few players at each table dominating their opponents with greater than the norm stacks. The average stack should be around 57K but it seems like most of the players have far less than that with a handful of players dominating with their towering stacks. It almost feels like the players are starving for action by seeing almost every flop even if this is costing them their hard earned chips while doing so.

Sorel Mizzi is still leading the tourney, although he went through some volatility in the past level. He is being followed closely by Bo Sehlstedt and Manuel Thiede.

In a separate section of the Casino Di Venezia, a €150+20 freeze-out tournament has just started. The event, made up of players who were previously particpating in the €1500+150 tourney, also attracted some players from the local poker scene, who decided to grasp the opportunity by competing with the many professional players sent here by Titan Poker. 62 players registered for the event which features a blind structure set to increase every 30 minutes.

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