Ec Poker Tour - Day 3, Round 16

Ec Poker Tour - Day 3, Round 16

Sunday, 15 November 2009

We have just started the 16th round with blinds at 2,000/4,000 and an ante of 400. Some of the players have already started pushing their entire stacks at the table yet none of aggressive plays have been called at this point.

The players at the table are currently in the following positions:
Seat 1 – Bernd-Philipp Hoff
Seat 2 – Sorel Mizzi
Seat 3 – Mitja Potocin
Seat 4 – Michael Schuchardt
Seat 5 – John Van Der Bruggen
Seat 6 – Sean Perry
Seat 7 – Manuel Thiede
Seat 8 – Bo Sehlstedt

Some live action from the final table –
Michael Schuchardt pushes while on the small blind and gets called by Sean Perry after some thought while under the gun. Schuchardt uncovers Rockets against Perry’s JQ. The dealer starts dealing out the community cards which come out as a 3 2 7, 3 on 4th street and a Ten on the river giving Michael the advantage doubling up his stack to over 70K and weakening Perry.

Sorel pushes and all the players at the table fold. Sorel collects 6k in blinds with this uncalled bet.

An 11k bet by John Van Der Bruggen gets reraised to 25k by Thiede, John calls the reraise and the delaer proceeds to uncover the flop which shows a 5 4 3. Its Thiede’s turn to act and he checks. Van Der Bruggen checks again and the dealer shows a 5 on the turn. Thiede reaches for his chips and places a 25k bet. It’s Van Der Bruggen’s turn to act now and after a few moments of concentration he decides to fold this hand, giving up the pot to Thiede.

We get an all in by Perry [44,700] followed by a fold from Thiede and Bo. The action is on Hoff who folds his hand yet Potocin cannot let this hand go and calls Perry’s push. Potocins KJ Spades goes up against Perry’s 10J of Diamonds. The flop shows 6,7,8 [Rainbow] 4th street shows a 4 of clubs and the river comes out as a 6 of clubs. We lose a player.....Sean Perry has left the table and Potocin absorbs all of his chip stack. There are now 7 players left at the table.

We get more action by Sorel Mizzi who pushes his 66K stack in an attempt to double up while holding A8 [diamonds] whilst holding 66k. John Van Der Bruggen calls with his pocket 9’s and we get some major action going on at the final table. The flop shows a 6, 2d, 4, 10d, and a 6d, giving Sorel the nuts with his Ace high flush taking his chip stack up to 132K.

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