Ec Poker Tour – Day 2....And the action goes on with Titan Poker !

Ec Poker Tour – Day 2....And the action goes on with Titan Poker !

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Last nights 8th and final level of blinds ended with the Sorel Mizzi in the chip lead followed closely by Bo Sehlstedt and Michael Landmann. The day came to a close at 1:30am where several players retired back to their hotel rooms while some of the more adventurous players headed out for some wild adventures in St. Julian’s, Malta’s nightlife capital.

The top 10 players chip count at the begininning of day 2 are as follows:

1. Sorel Mizzi 56,800 chips
2. Bo Sehlstedt 50,900 chips
3. Michael Landmann 47,700 chips
4. Laszio Kapitzke 41,200 chips
5. Juuso Leppanen 39,700 chips
6. Manuel Thiede 39,600 chips
7. Joao Paolo Aquino 37,100 chips
8. casper Toft 37,100 chips
9. Andreas Schmidt 36,100 chips
10. Adam York 33,000 chips

With 55 players left, the more experienced players at the EC Poker Tour have now been in the game long enough to get reasonably accurate reads on their less aware opponents. Today’s progress will decide who of the remaining players will make it to the final table which will also be set up with a live feed for the many spectators who are swarming the casino to get the latest updates on the tourney progress.

55 players survived the first day of the Ec Poker Tour sponsored by Titan Poker and are now at their seats for the second day of this fantastic 'poker journey'. The event, being held at the Casino di Venezia, Malta, is now at it second day and the game started at 16:00Hrs today at the 9th level with players paying 400/800 in blinds and 100 in antes. The blind levels are increasing every sixty minutes and today the game is expected to go on until 9 players are left at their seats. The remaining players will resume the tourney at the final table for the third and final day tomorrow, on Sunday the 15th November.

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