EC Poker tour - Sebastian Percy-Smith, the first player out of the money...

EC Poker tour - Sebastian Percy-Smith, the first player out of the money...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

There are only 19 players left in the game and the poker room is filled with spectators who are trying to catch the best actions by the remaining players.

The game has slowed down slightly at this point as players entered the bubble zone and are playing cautiously to avoid the title of the ‘bubble’ or ‘the first one out of the money’. Sorel Mizzi has lost his lead to Bo Sehlstedt who has now well over 170K and is leading the 19 player tourney with his dominant posture at the felt.

All in….Paul Hersleth pushed All-in holding AT and got called by Sebastian Percy-Smith with his A7. The dealer slowly uncovered a Q6T35 pairing Paul’s Hersleth’s 10 and taking his stack up to 70K while sending out Sebastian in 19th position.

Sebastian was open for comment after cooling off, following his placing. This 19 year old player made his way into the tournament by winning a satellite through an online tournament which had two guaranteed seats as prizes for the final two players. Sebastian, a young charismatic player from Denmark has placed 15th in the Danish Poker Championship not long ago and took home the equivalent of €5,000.

He heard about the EC Poker Tour through a friend while on a previous visit to Malta earlier this year. Sebastian liked the island’s warm and friendly atmosphere and was ecstatic with the nightlife and partying he enjoyed on his last trip which further increased his interest in participating in a live poker tourney here with the EC Poker Tour.

His comments about the EC Poker Tour were also very positive. He was very happy with the 5 star accommodation provided as part of the package and the fact that he received a very warm welcome by the tournament and casino staff who catered to all the players needs. He has been following the EC Poker Tour since its first event which attracted 80 players and has seen the brand grow rapidly by its current and third tournament.

‘They’re moving forward, attracting more players, with well sized prize pools characteristic of the best international events’. - Sebastian

When asked about his impression about Malta, Sebastian recommended the islands for those looking for a clubbing getaway in a sunny atmosphere. He also said that it is the ideal destination for those poker players who are looking for some poker, fun, and nightlife adventures. The fact that players are not taxed for their winnings is also a plus factor which might give him the rfequired push to relocate here if he takes up poker professionally, an option which he is not excluding at this point in his life.

Following Sebastian’s exit, another 3 players have left the casino hall in the following positions:

18th – Sebastian Winkler - €2,340
17th – Steffen Rachut - €2,340
16th – Kari Somer - €2,730

The action is getting more intense now, as the players as giving their best efforts under pressure, with the final table in their cross-hairs.

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