EC Poker Tour – The road to the final table

EC Poker Tour – The road to the final table

Saturday, 14 November 2009

With blinds now at the 14th round at 1,200/2,400 + 300 Antes, and 10,000 raises being the the current norm, this is one of the most gruelling battles that many of the players have encountered in their recent poker tournament history.

Two more players have exited the scene taking home prizes just under €3,000 each.

15th – Ghassan El-Hoss € 2,730
14th - Paul Hersleth € 2,730

We caught up with the action at the felt when Paul Hersleth went All-in by pushing his 30K stack while holding JQ. Hersleth got called instantly by John Van Der Bruggen holding AA and the dealer quickly followed up by uncovering a J5538. This flop didn’t develop Hersleth’s hand any further and helped Van Der Bruggen take his stack up to over 165k, a considerable feat, considering he started the day with just under 24,000. Van Der Bruggen’s calm and composed image are complementing his friendly attitude at the table pleasantly, even at such a decisive stage of the game.

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