EC Poker Tour - Payout Structure

EC Poker Tour - Payout Structure

Friday, 13 November 2009

98 players are left in the game which has taken the average stack to around 13,500 chips. We are now at the 5th level of blinds with players paying 150 and 300 chips for the small blind and the big blind respectively.

The highest ranking player at the moment is Andrew Pantling seated at the ninth position on the fifth table. He is leading the tournament with more than twice the average stack at over 30,000 chips.

The payouts for the EC Poker Tour at the Casino Di Venezia, Malta will be as follows:

1st: €51,382
2nd: €31,200
3rd: €21,450
4th: €15,600
5th: €13,650
6th: €11,700
7th: €9,750
8th: €7,800
9th: €6,337
10th: €3,900
11 to 13th: €3,120
14 to 16th: €2,730
17 and 18th: €2,340

A total of 130 registered players took the prize pool up to €189,000 making Titan Poker's event the biggest poker tournament held in Malta this quarter.

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