EC Poker Tour, Malta - Irene Van Loon's exit with pocket Kings

EC Poker Tour, Malta - Irene Van Loon's exit with pocket Kings

Friday, 13 November 2009

Irene Van Loon, a previous winner with TitanPoker, who very recently won herself €7,200 for placing 14th at the Irish Winter Festival did not make it too far in the EC PokerTour when she pushed her stack holding a pair of kings.

Whilst under the gun, and the blinds at 25/50, Irene opened with a 150 bet, or 3 times the big blind after seeing the flop show Q75. All the opponents at the table except for one folded, yet Irene got re-raised to 2,200 by the last remaining player in the hand. The rainbow flop did not constitute any major threats to Irene as there were no overcards on the flop which gave Irene the confidence to push All-in against her opponent. Irene confessed that she did not want to give her opponent the chance to better his hand so for her, calling was not an option. On the other hand she knew that Aces were the only cards that she did not want to see, but felt that she should take her chance and push her opponent in an uncomfotable spot by pushing All-In. Unfortunately for her, Irene got called instantly by her opponent who uncovered a pair of aces, sending her out at such an early stage of the game.

Irene was more than happy with the event turn-out and was thrilled with her invitation to this event by Titan Poker, although she left the tournament floor so early, displaying true sportsmanship which she learnt through completely understanding the dynamics of her favourite card game.

Irene was invited to play in the ECPokerTour by Titan Poker after successfully placing 14th in the Irish Poker Festival.

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