EC Poker Tour - At the end of the tenth level with 33 players left in the game

EC Poker Tour - At the end of the tenth level with 33 players left in the game

Saturday, 14 November 2009

The game has picked up a relatively quick pace and we are now seeing more frequent pushes at this advanced stage of the game. The first level of blinds today, [9th level all-round] already saw many players out of the tourney, through some overly aggressive or loose plays, some brought about by well-placed traps by their more astute opponents.

An interesting hand between Andrew Pantling and Casper Toft saw both players in a heads up battle whilst holding AK and AQ respectively. With Pantling on the small blind, and holding around 10,000 chips, the player under the gun placed a 3k bet and got called by Casper Toft. Andrew Pantling repsonded by pushing all-in whilst holding his Big Slick [AK] which caused the next player to fold. Casper Toft felt confident with his hole cards and decided to call Pantling’s push. The flop showed a Q which gave Toft the upper hand with a pair of Queens which kept their strength through the flop turn and river, ending Pantling’s tourney progress whilst helping Toft boost his stack to over 40,000 chips.

In an interview with our reporters, Pantling disclosed that while he enjoys tournaments he is mainly a cash player who prefers Omaha to Hold’em. He is a high stakes cash player who partipcates mostly in online 25/50 games and live games at those stakes, when they’re available. As the owner of an online gaming room, Pantling, a Canadian who currently resides in, and operates his business from Malta was very impressed with the quality of the EC Poker tour Malta at the Casino di Venezia. He was delighted with the clockwork-like organisation and VIP treatment that he experienced during his participation in the event sponsored by Titan Poker. He concluded by adding that -

‘The tournament beat my expectations and I’m very happy to have participated at such an event. The level of the players attracted by the organisers is exceptional. Great detail has been taken in the organisation of the tournament from the seamless registration, friendly staff, professional dealers, casino set-up and the exquisite dinner provided by the Casino’

The game is now about to move into the 11th level of blinds, we are now at 500/1000 with 100 being paid out as antes. With 33 players left, the average stack has now risen to 39,400 and the current leader on the five remaining tables is still Sorel Mizzi with 142k chips

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