6 Players are left at the EC Poker Tour and Schuchardt is getting stronger

6 Players are left at the EC Poker Tour and Schuchardt  is getting stronger

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The 6 remaining players are back after a one hour break where they got a chance to refuel at the Casino’s terrace overlooking the beautiful marina and surrounding fortifications.

A buffet stacked with the best that the chefs at the casino have to offer was laid out for all the players who participated in the tournament. Players could choose from a variety of cheeses, cold cuts, and many more foods to suit the most discerning tastes. The friendly waiters at the casino also went round pouring wine for the many patrons who assembled in the terrace for this wonderfully prepared buffet.

Some action from the hands we’ve seen so far.
Bo Sehlstedt with his ‘Titanic’ stack does a pre-flop raise and instantly gets re-raised by Mitja Potocin. Bo’s confidence permeates through the casino hall as he responds with an all-in bet for an additional 284K. After some appropriate contemplation, Mitja makes the call while holding the Big Slick (AK), a good starting hand yet still behind Bo’s ‘ladies’ (QQ).

The flop shows T J 6 followed by a 8 on the turn and a T on the river, absorbing Mitja’s stack almost entirely taking up over 50% of the chips at the table at 660K. This move leaves Mitja in a dismal state with approximately 30,000 chips. One tenth of the stack he held before he entered this hand.

Holding such a short stack at this advanced stage of the game, Mitja now takes his shot by pushing while holding a 7 4 but gets called by Manuel Thiede who is holding a pair of 7’s. This hand sends Mitja out of the tournament in 6th Place with €11,700.

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