daCava04 takes down the FTOPS turbo 6-max event.

daCava04 takes down the FTOPS turbo 6-max event.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Just over 2,500 people turned out for the $216 NLHE turbo 6-max event, the fifteenth tournament of the FTOPS XI series. The total prize pool was $505,600 with first place offering $99,582.98.

When the final table was set, the chip counts looked like this with blinds at 20k/40k+5k:

daCav04 - 1,443,448
Mike "wywrot" Wywrot - 1,384,060
Jordu77 - 877,114
TheComeUp - 670,628
JustLuck1337 - 547,860
Raise_U_To_Hell - 132,890

First to depart was Jordu77 who lost two pots in a row to JustLuck1337 with AQ v AJ and then J9 v A8. He picked up just over $15k. Next out was Raise_U_To_Hell whose flush draw didn’t hit, meaning Wyrot took the pot and eliminated him in 5th for $23,510.

TheComeUp then left in a classic coinflip as his 33 went up against daCava04’s AT, which rivered a straight. Amazingly, it was all over in the very next hand. Wyrot shoved 54o on the button, JustLuck1337 went all-in over the top with TT and daCava04 snap-called with KK. The cowboys held up for him to win $99k in a three-way all-in.

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