__FullFlush1__ attacks the nosebleeds, verbally and literally

__FullFlush1__ attacks the nosebleeds, verbally and literally

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

One day not long ago players at Full Tilt became aware of a new player crushing the high-stakes games. __FullFlush1__ is better known as Luke Schwarz, the loudmouthed Brit seen lecturing Daniel Negreanu at the WSOPE.

After doing very well in the $25/$50NL games, Schwarz began a meteoric rise that has seen him destroy stakes from $50/$100NL to $500/$1,000NL. Not only is his poker entertaining, but his chat is second to none:

__FullFlush1__: u and trexy are going down bra
Urindanger: didn't i send you back to lower stakes a month ago
__FullFlush1__: rolls to me
__FullFlush1__: lol u got luckc in 2 200k pow
__FullFlush1__: but i whipped your weak brother
Urindanger: come back when you make another
100k to give me
__FullFlush1__: he played like a small girl
__FullFlush1__: urindanger im gonna be your downfall
__FullFlush1__: we can play 4 tablkes 100 200
Urindanger: didn't you say that to patrik too before he took 500k from u
Urindanger: i don't have time to play fans at nickel and dime
luckexpress10: one day
luckexpress10: both of you
__FullFlush1__: no patrick gpot blinded for buyins
and got a a coller whe n we were 250k deep u 5
spiced geek

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