Zynga’s Facebook plans

Zynga’s Facebook plans

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Zynga has unveiled plans to launch its real-money poker room and casino via the Facebook social networking site.

According to a report from VentureBeat.com, Zynga executives attending the World GES conference in Barcelona earlier this week announced that ZyngaPokerPlus and ZyngaPlusCasino will soon appear on Facebook.

The move is a logical progression for the company whose roots are firmly based in the world of gaming. While there is no specific date for the launch, it’s been outlined that the products will be available in the UK initially to form the next step in the relationship between Zynga and bwin.party.

The two entities have already worked together to launch a standalone ZyngaPokerPlus site on the bwin.party Network but now they now hope to extend this reach through Facebook.

While those behind the scenes are playing down the prospect that the forthcoming launch could turn into a money-spinner, many insiders believe the social media world is a more natural platform for the company.

It is expected that ZyngaPokerPlus will also appear in mobile form and have a distinctly different look and feel to the free-to-play Facebook poker app.

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