Yann's the man at PKR Live

Yann's the man at PKR Live

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A record field of 291 runners were on hand at Aspers in London for the seventh incarnation of PKR.com's Live event.

After two days of action if was Yann Pelletier who was the big winner. The Frenchman pocketed a first prize of $27,620 after outlasting a final table that included PKR Live III winner Vince Diver.

The man from Buxerolles started the final table with a narrow chip lead and had extended that advantage to an over two to one lead when heads up play against Emmanuel Arokodave began. Arokodave started the final table with the chip lead but couldn't defeat Pelletier. A second place prize of $19,245 will no doubt provide some consolation.

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