Yahoo! To Shut Free-Play Poker

Yahoo! To Shut Free-Play Poker

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

It looks like Yahoo's venture into the world of online poker will be a brief one.

Just a month after launching a new advertising campaign for its free-play offering, the search-engine giant has announced that it will be closing its virtual poker doors due to ‘changes in supporting technologies and increased security requirements’.

Yahoo! stated that it will no longer offer Yahoo! Poker to desktop and mobile players from 31 December. The site's Pool and Bingo titles are also set to go into hibernation.

“In January [of] 2014, changes in supporting technologies and increased security requirements for our Yahoo! web pages made it impossible to keep the games running,” read a statement from Yahoo!.

“Following these technological advancements, the old parlour games were incompatible, insecure and no longer functioning correctly.”

Although Yahoo! could possibly develop a new free-play online poker game in the future, it declared that there was no ‘schedule available’ relating to any such release because each title ‘takes time’.

“The more popular the game, the more likely it is that we’ll develop a new version of it,” read the statement from Yahoo!.

“While we won’t have exactly the same roster of games, we’ll work to make all of our games as amazing as possible. In fact, many of the things you suggested after the initial launch have already been added or improved.

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