Wowee at Maui as Pica hits the jackpot

Wowee at Maui as Pica hits the jackpot

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Italy’s Pierpaolo Pica has claimed a bonus of $99,000 after winning’s Maui Jackpot Sit N Go prize. Pica won five consecutive $5 + $1 Maui Jackpot Sit n Go tourneys to claim the massive jackpot.

Commenting on his success Pica said “This is after almost a year of trying…I thought it was impossible, but it happened! Five consecutive Maui Jackpots in order to pocket $99,000 was really fantastic!”. He also had some advice for players contemplating the jackpot challenge. “I am not an aggressive player and I try to study the competitors during the game... but you need to believe that it’s possible to win.”

The Maui Jackpot builds up cumulatively, starting at a guaranteed $15,000. The prize pool gets bigger each week until someone eventually wins five Maui tournaments in a row and claims the bonus payout.

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