World's most expensive chip set up for sale

World's most expensive chip set up for sale

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What do you buy the poker lover who has everything? How about an exclusive chip set from London-based games maker Geoffrey Parker.

Each one of the 384 chips in the new design is made from 18 carat white gold with inlaid stingray skin shagreen. Precious stones including diamonds and sapphires, rubies and emeralds feature on the edge of each chip which are also embossed with the value and currency requested. And with chips that blingy you'll need a swanky case in which to keep them. This one is an alligator skin affair complete with an 18 carat gold and diamond frame with a suede lining. And the cards? The set includes four platinum plated decks.

All told the set will feature an estimated 22,364 stones totalling 1,012 carats. And the cost? $7.5m, which makes it affordable to James Bond Villains, Russian Oligarchs, merchant bankers and probably Phil Ivey.

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