World Record $1.83m Bad Beat Jackpot hits at

World Record $1.83m Bad Beat Jackpot hits at

Friday, 29 July 2011

Losing a hand with quad kings would usually have online players taking a hammer to their computer but there was a very substantial silver lining for one such unlucky loser this week.

A Finnish going by the moniker of OmgoMgomGo bagged $640,696 after cracking the International Poker Network's Bad Beat Jackpot when his quad kings were beaten by 7Adelaida7's quad aces. 7Adelaida7 took home a $320,091 bonus for winning the hand with the other players in the hand receiving $45,766. Great work considering the action was at a €0.50/€1 table.

“WOOOOOOOOW!! I had KK and all the money went in pre-flop." said the lucky loser, "Once I hit my quads and saw the second Ace come on the river I was hoping that my opponent had hit their 1 outer! When I realised it had happened I was so happy, I still cannot believe it!”

And what is he going to do with his new found fortune? "I am planning to buy a house, a car and will certainly be partying hard.”

The jackpot has been reset at €100,000 and is already up to €253,000.

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