Wojtek’s UKIPT Double

Wojtek’s UKIPT Double

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

At the start of last week Wojtek Barzantny was just another online grinder, but now he’s a double UKIPT Champion.

His first taste of success came when he overcame one of the best tournament players in the world, Chris Moorman, to collect £77,000 and the UKIPT Online Championship title.

Spurred on by his win over a tough field, Wojtek jumped straight into £700 UKIPT Bristol main event and began raking in chips from a host of equally tough players. With the likes of Liv Boeree, Mickey Petersen and Roberto Romanello all hitting the rail during the event’s four day stretch, Wojtek managed to keep his cool and enter yesterday’s final table with the chip lead.

With little need to fight for chips Wojtek sat calmly and watched as Jonathan Price, Niall Murray and Craig Goddard all hit the rail in succession. At that point, with just five players remaining, there were two potential UKIPT stories waiting to happen: Wojtek’s double and Amanda Sidark’s first female win.

However, only one of those stories could be written into the history books and unfortunately for Sidark it was the former, as she hit the rail in fifth place for £19,000. As Amanda watched the chance to become the first UKIPT female champion slip by, Anthony Forsyth-Forrest and Robert Bull were busy crashing out of the tournament just a few spaces short of the title.

With just Wojtek and James Greenwood remaining the prospect of another drawn-out heads-up performance from Wojtek looked possible. True to form the German lost the chip lead to Greenwood before regaining it. However, despite having his opponent on the ropes twice more he failed to seal the deal. Eventually though the poker gods decided to stop toying with Wojtek’s emotions and gave him the victory when Greenwood moved all-in with pocket sevens on a 2d Tc 6c flop. Wojtek called with Ts 8c and survived any further bouts of bad luck to claim his second trophy in a week and £90,400.

The UKIPT heads north of the border for its next stop with Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel the venue for the £250,000 guaranteed event from 17th to 21st January 2013. Online qualifiers are running at PokerStars. New depsitors using this link can try their luck with a first deposit bonus of up to £400.

Image courtesy of Mickey May.

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