Winamax Launches Hit & Run

Winamax Launches Hit & Run

Thursday, 25 February 2016

France-facing online poker domain Winamax has launched a new form of satellite qualifier that is designed to get players involved in more hands.

Christened Hit & Run, the new format is unlike its more traditional compatriots where prizes are awarded to the longest-surviving players in a conventional payout format.

Instead of trying to scrape a micro-stack into the prize positions, Hit & Run games see players start with 9,000 chips before being given a target amount to reach in order to claim a prize while the size of this objective depends on the value of the ticket for which they are competing.

As an example, a €5 ($5.51) buy-in Hit & Run qualifier awarding seats into a €20 ($22.06) buy-in tournament would have its target set at 40,000 chips. Players reaching this goal would then be removed from the competition with play continuing until all tickets have been awarded.

Once all of the tickets have been allocated, the next player to hit the stack objective is awarded any excess cash in the prize pool. As such, competitors can’t really afford to wait for a particular hand with Winamax hoping that the new format will be a more exciting way for players to qualify for tournaments.

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