Will You Buy the Last ‘Beigel Shop’ Bagel?

Will You Buy the Last ‘Beigel Shop’ Bagel?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The closure of the famous Brick Lane 'Beigel Shop' was felt keenly across London, not least in the city's poker community.

A favorite late night eatery amongst London's late night poker scene, the 'Beigel Shop' on Brick Lane, aka 'The Yellow One', has been shut, and a Writ of Possession has been posted on its window. Whether that means that the shop has been repo-ed, or it has actually been possessed by evil spirits, we still do not know; but Bluff Europe's crack legal team is trying to find out.

Bluff Europe is holding an auction for the last bagel baked by Britain's "Oldest and Best" bagel shop, which has been baking the delectable bagels since 1855, and has put it up for auction to the highest bidder. There is a reserve price of £650, to ensure that the bagel is definitely going to a baller bagel buff – which is exactly the type of person Bluff Europe thinks deserves it. A video of the tantalising 'Beigel Shop' bagel can be seen

"I bought the bagel on Saturday afternoon so I could have them with salmon on Sunday morning," said the bagel's previous owner. "I have since lost it to Bluff Europe in a heads up poker match, when their Aces held up against my K-Q suited." The man continued. The bagel is expected to fetch thousands, and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Bluff Europe Magazine.

If you are baller enough to buy this bagel, Bluff Europe wants to interview you in its nationally distributed poker magazine. Not only will the purchaser get to eat the most endangered species of bagel on earth, but they can also opt to have it toasted by one of the top casino chefs in the country. What are you waiting for? Bid now!

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