Who Thought Maths Could Be This Fun?

Friday, 17 March 2006

There are always complaints about what kids are studying at college these days: does watching movies all day constitute work for a film studies degree? Is kite flying actually going to help you get a decent job? But at the University of Georgia, one professor has been offering a class called “How To Gamble If You Must” aimed at tackling the endemic problem of teenage gambling in the United States but also using statistics and probability to show students how to rake in that extra cash to pay off fees (or simply spend on partying.
Lynne Seymour, who teaches statistics, gives lectures on the probability of certain cards and situations to her 15 students and then follows them with games of Texas Hold ‘Em to see how much they’ve learned. With the knowledge that there is more than a 50% chance that they’ll get nothing in their first hand, students have become masters of bluff and what Lynne calls optimal betting. The plan is to hold an end of semester tourney, with the winner getting off of the final class paper. Now surely that’s what being at school is all about.

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