Weeds Producer Penning a Poker Project

Weeds Producer Penning a Poker Project

Friday, 12 October 2012

Weeds producer and poker junkie Matt Salsberg has revealed that he is working on a new poker project.

Whilst on a break during the EPT in San Remo, Salsberg explained that his new show, while still in its early stages, will be a poker comedy with “Entourage-style” realism.

The programme will follow a group of twenty-something players as the tour around the world chasing fame and glory on the tournament circuit.

When commenting on his vision for the project and the quality of some other poker based productions, he told PokerListings: “I think sometimes we are falling into the trap of trying to reach a larger audience – and this means that you end up making a movie that has some romance in it.”

Salsberg is certainly qualified to make an authentic poker show. Having been in Europe since September, the Canadian managed to take down the World Poker Tour event in Paris and freely admits that he’s now a writer who plays “way too much poker”.

Indeed, if the show can match the quality and popularity of his recent TV projects, then it should make for excellent viewing once it’s released.

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