We’ve got another one – this time a $5,000 freeroll.

We’ve got another one – this time a $5,000 freeroll.

Monday, 19 January 2009

32Red’s online casino has won the Best Online Casino award six years on the trot. We’re your favourite poker magazine – that’s a winning combination if ever we saw one.

As part of our Cardgang extravaganza we’ve approached the fine gentlemen of 32Red and asked if we could use their awesome online poker room to give some money to our readers whom we love so much. They agreed.

Even our editor, the venerable Philip Conneller, is excited about this one. He said of the upcoming tournament: “Our new Bluff Europe ‘Card Gang’ promotions are proving really popular and this is another great chance for readers to win themselves some free money – which we all know poker players love doing!”

Simply click the link to your right (no, that one – the Cardgang one!) to find out how to enter. The tournament only has a certain number of seats and with $5,000 being given away completely free you’ll want to beat the crowds.

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