We Have Video Interviews With Ziigmund!

We Have Video Interviews With Ziigmund!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sure, we have an interview and photoshoot in the March issue of our shiny bundle of paper, but text is so 1999. Video interviews are where it’s at and in our new series you can see Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies talking frankly about his game.

Until recently he was something of an enigma – a loud-mouthed, chatbox-abusing high-stakes player from Finland who saw million-dollar swings on his way to the top. He’s also infamous for his partying and drunken revelry. Now he’s making the rounds on GSN’s High Stakes Poker, in between talking to us of course.

“Ziigmund has a reputation for being a little crazy and this interview won’t disappoint,” said Philip Conneller, Editor of Bluff Europe. “He’s also a really nice guy and very, very funny.”
In addition he will join our exclusive list of strategy writers who help improve your game. We’ll drink to that!

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