Washington Radio DJ Calls for Online Poker Regulation

Washington Radio DJ Calls for Online Poker Regulation

Monday, 27 October 2014

Allowing citizens to smoke marijuana and not play online poker is "hypocrisy", according to Dori Monson. The KIRO-FM host recently discussed his inability to play online poker in Washington, but noted that cannabis a legal drug in the state.

As reported by MyNorthwest.om, the radio host went on to call the legal discrepancy "insane", saying:

"You've got the state government telling us they have to raise our taxes, they need more of our money. Yet, because we have certain politicians who got bought and paid for by other gambling interest who wanted to protect their monopoly, suddenly I'm a felon if I want to play (for) free, or for five, ten, 25 cents a hand Texas Hold’em (online) in our state."

The issue of online poker in Washington was raised by Monson's guest, Curtis Woodard. As a poker player keen to enact change, Woodard has started the Washington Internet Poker Initiative. Designed to sway both public and political opinion, and according to his website there is "every reason to be confident that we will get a bill introduced in the next legislative session."

Although Woodard's two-tiered proposal - namely the Indian tribes are allowed to launch full gambling services while major operators are allowed to offer poker services within the state - are unlikely to be adhered to fully, the push for change is certainly a step in the right direction.

Indeed, with mainstream figures such as Monson prepared to back the effort to regulate online poker, it should only be a matter of time before another US state embraces the industry.

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