War of words between Tony G and ‘_FullFlush_’ hots up

War of words between Tony G and ‘_FullFlush_’ hots up

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Let’s face it, Luke Schwartz and Tony G are never going to be mistaken for monks undertaking a vow of silence so it should come as no surprise then that the pair have clashed in the run up to next month’s Party Poker Premier League.

Tony G wrote on his blog last week that ‘_FullFlush_’ was, “rude” and “obnoxious”, how he couldn’t “wait to bust him up” and described him as, “not the kind of player you feel you can learn from – you just want to bust him.”

Schwartz replied with, “I heard what Tony G had to say and it’s just LOLZ all round. I know I like to chat sh@t but I think most people who know me agree I will destroy that joker at the table”.

That outburst prompted this latest missive from the fiery Aussie, “Luke, most people who know you don’t say the same. I will bring my bike to Vegas for the Premier League to mark the departures of the experienced players who have put in time and effort into learning about the game.
For you, I will bring a trike – you aren’t off stabilizers yet mate! You will need three wheels to keep firmly on the ground. You have a lot to learn about heart and commitment to the game. I think I paid you a compliment by saying that you were the new Devilfish – the Fish has the game to back up the mouth.”

Touche. All good knockabout stuff. We can’t wait until the action begins. God help us if Hellmuth gets involved too!

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