The November Nine, Part Three: Michael Mizrachi > Phil Ivey

The November Nine, Part Three: Michael Mizrachi > Phil Ivey

Monday, 1 November 2010

Cutting right to the chase, I think that Michael Mizrachi has a much better shout of becoming the first well-known pro to win the WSOP Main Event since Chris Ferguson; a better shout than Phil Ivey did in this position for 2009.

Literally the position – both players arrived seventh in chips after a lot of hype surrounding a deep run and received the unanimous support of the poker community. So why does Mizrachi have a much better shot than Ivey?

Mizrachi is a tournament pro; Ivey is not . Yes, he may top the all-time money list but that’s just because he’s Ivey and if he wants to win a poker tournament he damn well will, he doesn’t have to be consistently good at them. But Mizrachi grinds – forgive the pun- tournament poker, has done for years. Mizrachi has had six- or seven-figure years on the tournament circuit consistently for over half a decade.

Mizrachi hasn’t a tenth the pressure . When Ivey was setting out to take down the nine million last year, he wasn’t just playing for that. He had side bets, the future of Full Tilt Poker and the expectation to be the best in the world on his shoulders. Mizrachi is just at a poker tournament doing what he does best and without the motivation of avoiding risks to pick up a large side bet he can build a big stack.

Mizrachi has the best seat in the house . He’s to the left of the three biggest stacks and can definitely chip up very quickly if he comes out all guns blazing. He may not have the Ivey stare or aura but he can definitely intimidate his opponents who will be less used to the glamour and glitter of a major televised final.

If Mizrachi wins the tournament then get this : he will have taken the WSOP Player of the Year award from Frank Kessela by just one point; he will have accumulated over $12.5m in earnings this year and he will shoot to the top of the all-time tournament money list with total earnings touching $20,000,000.

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