Soi Nguyen eliminated in 9th place ($811,823)

Soi Nguyen eliminated in 9th place ($811,823)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Jason Senti came here to play, that's for sure - he immediately made his presence felt at the final table with raises and 3-bets all-in and quickly chipped up to over 12,000,000 to overtake Matt Jarvis and Soi Nguyen.

Unfortunately for Nguyen he picked up a big hand at the wrong time when he moved in from the button to 7,600,000 and Senti found Q-Q in the small blind. Nguyen had A-K and though a Q-T-3 flop gave him a gutshot it all but sealed his fate.

He couldn't hit the miracle jack and was promptly eliminated to become the first November Niner of 2010 to be eliminated at the WSOP Main Event just before the end of the first level.

Senti is now on over 20,000,000 and well poised to make a good run of things. All eight remaining players are officially dollar millionaires.

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