Meet the November Nine

Meet the November Nine

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Players will resume with just under an hour and fifteen minutes left in the 250,000/500,000/50,000 blind and ante level before a twenty minute break and the 300,000/600,000/75,000 blind level for two hours. There will be another break after each two hour level and a dinner break for ninety minutes at approximately 11.40pm GMT. We expect to potentially hit the 1,000,000/2,000,000/300,000 blind level tonight.

Seat 1 [9/9; 15.25BBs] – Jason Senti (7,625,000):

Known as “PBJaxx” online, Senti is a 28-year-old professional poker player from the US. He is the shortest stack and openly admitted playing sub-optimally at the ten-handed November Nine bubble to make the final table. Last year Antoine Saout turned this kind of stack into third place.

Seat 2 [3/9; 47.05BBs] – Joseph Cheong (23,525,000):

Cheong plays online as “subiime” and is one of the best large field tournament players in the world. He has won over 200 tournaments online and accumulated over $1.2m in earnings with a largest cash of $55,000 – amazing. He has the most final table experience but not on this kind of stage.

Seat 3 [2/9; 92.5BBs] – John Dolan (46,250,000):

A 24-year-old pro from Florida, Dolan was a failed poker player before a job as a poker dealer sparked his passion for the game again. He was backed by online legend Brian “Sno0oWMAN” Hawkins and since then he has had scores such as a $30,000 win at the $1,000 Winter Bayou Poker Challenge.

Seat 4 [1/9; 131.95BBs] – Jonathan Duhamel (65,975,000):

Canadian pro Duhamel is chip leader after winning the largest and most talked-about pot of the tournament, beating Matt Affleck out of a 42,000,000 pot with J-J versus A-A. The Quebec resident has been playing poker full time for a couple of years.

Seat 5 [7/9; 28.9BBs] – Michael Mizrachi (14,450,000):

Mizrachi comes into the final table after an amazing run at the 2010 World Series of Poker. This is his fifth final table; of the other four three were in five-figure buy-in events ($10,000 Limit Hold ‘em and $10,000 Stud) and one was a $1.5m victory in the $50,000 Players’ Championship. He has to come first or second for his third bracelet and over $15,000 in tournament earnings.

Seat 6 [5/9; 33.4BBs] – Matt Jarvis (16,700,000):

Canadian player Matt Jarvis makes up half the maple syrup loving force at the final table alongside Duhamel. Since this final table he has had the November Nine good karma experienced by Antoine Saout, James Akenhead and Ivan Demidov – he has a $100,000 CAD Canadian Heads-Up Championship to his name and a $70,000 score at Festa al Lago.

Seat 7 [4/9; 38.1BBs] – John Racener (19,050,000):

Jonathan Racener is a Full Tilt Poker Red Pro and has had the thunder of being a pro in the November Nine stolen by The Grinder. The 24-year-old Floridian began his live tournament career as early as he could, winning six-figures at the WSOP Circuit for a third place just after his 21st birthday and over $1.2m before this year’s Main Event.
Seat 8 [6/9; 32.8BBs] – Filippo Candio (16,400,000):

Italian player Candio is the only non-North American at the table. Hailing from Italy, the crazy player made something of an impression on ESPN with his loud antics and quick accumulation of chips. Thus far his biggest score is $185,000 at an Italian Main Event but he has already stamped that out with a $811,023 score here.

Seat 9 [8/9; 19.3BBs] – Soi Nguyen (9,650,000):

California resident Nguyen is the old man of the table at 37 years old and has been playing poker for 20 years – despite this, he is ‘the amateur’ at the table and admits his lack of skill. Still, friendships with Nam Le help out and expect to see him as the most-changed player tonight.

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