Matt Jarvis eliminated in 8th place ($1,045,743)

Matt Jarvis eliminated in 8th place ($1,045,743)

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The sickest hand in WSOP final table history just took place as each player held the equity lead on each street. In short, a full house over full house sends Matt Jarvis to the rail in eighth place for just over $1,000,000.

Jonathan Duhamel raised it up and Michael Mizrachi called in position before Jarvis moved all-in. Duhamel got out of the way and Mizrachi asked for a count before calling with A-Q. Jarvis showed 9- for a race, and what an exciting one it would be.

The flop fell Q-Q-8 and the arena erupted; Team Mizrachi lead the stamping and cheering as Jarvis stood up. The pot totalled over 28,000,000 and the tension built as the dealer laid out...

A NINE on the turn, giving Matt Jarvis a full house and the best hand. The arena once again went crazy and Mizrachi put his head in his hands before - in a repeat of the 2003 Ivey vs. Moneymaker hand - an ace from space on the river gave him the winning full house.

Mizrachi is now up to over 30,000,000 in chips and it's all to play for at the WSOP!

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