Joseph "subiime" Cheong moves to second place


Saturday, 6 November 2010

Matt Jarvis opened under the gun to 1,425,000 and it folded all the way round to Joseph "subiime" Cheong on the button, who made it a total of 3,250,000 to go. John Dolan got to thinking in the small blind and called the re-raise, leaving Jarvis to get out of the way.

The flop was J-T-9 for a scary board that was checked through, as was the queen of clubs on the turn. The river was a final club and Dolan checked a third time, causing Cheong to bet 8,500,000 into the pot of roughly 8,000,000.

Dolan went into the think-tank for a solid three minutes before making the call, only to muck when Cheong flipped over Ac-Tc for the rivered nut flush. Dolan flashed two paint cards and dropped to less than 30m while Cheong took the second chip lead on over 45,000,000.

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