Joseph "subiime" Cheong - chip leader, heavy favourite, home advantage.


Sunday, 7 November 2010

Joseph Cheong, before July this year, was known as "subiime"; a Mini-FTOPS Champion whose $55,000 title was his largest online cash. Then you hear he has $1,200,000 in online MTT earnings with literally hundreds of five-figure cashes and you realise this kid is good.

If there is one person favoured by the fact that the average stack at the final table has not exceeded 35 big blinds at any time it is Cheong. In large-field MTTs online you generally arrive at final tables with stacks this size. With over 200 tournament victories online and seven figures in earnings, "subiime" is using his skills well to ascend to a mighty chip lead.

Joseph "subiime" Cheong - 68.2m

John Racener - 48.2m

Jonathan Duhamel - 47.1m

Michael Mizrachi - 29.7m

Filippo Candio - 26.5m

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