Joseph Cheong busts out in 3rd Place ($4,130,049)

Joseph Cheong busts out in 3rd Place ($4,130,049)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

It was all looking great for Joseph Cheong. With a massive chip stack he looked a shoe in for a heads up place but in the space of a few short minutes he's out of the tournament.

The key hand saw Cheong raise to 2.9m from the small blind. Big Blind Jonathan Duhamel re-raised to 6.75m, Cheong four-bet to 14.25. Somebeody must have a monster, especially after Duhamel raised again, this time to 22.75m. Cheong considered his options then pushed in the rest of his stack, with Duhamel snap calling.

The Canadian revealed pocket Queens, putting him in excellent shape against Cheong's raggy looking A7. The board help neither player leaving Duhamel to scoop up a record breaking 95m chip pot! Wow.

Cheong managed to double up again soon after but hit the rail minutes later. Once again he clashed with Jonathan Duhamel and once again the result was the same. Cheong's Q10 unable to overturn the chip leader's A2.

So Joseph Cheong exits in third place after one of the biggest blow ups in Main Event history. $4.1m should provide some consolation though.

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