Jonathan Racener doubles through Jonathan Duhamel

Jonathan Racener doubles through Jonathan Duhamel

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Racener was fresh from doubling up but lost a big pre-flop pot to Joseph Cheong where he was sent back down to the low 20,000,000s. He raised to 2.3m before the flop and Jonathan Duhamel bet enough to move him all-in.

Racener called fairly quickly with A-Q and found himself well behind against the Canadian's A-K. The arena went silent the exploded as the dealer laid out a Q-4-8 flop and propelled Racener into the lead.

The turn was a jack which gave Duhamel four more outs as well as the three kings in the deck but the trey on the river was a blank slap in the face. Duhamel drops down to less than 30m while Racener doubles again to just under 40,000,000.

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