Jonathan Duhamel doubles through Michael Mizrachi

Jonathan Duhamel doubles through Michael Mizrachi

Sunday, 7 November 2010

One hell of a lot of chips just went into the pot on a coinflip - 57,000,000 or so as a matter of fact. Duhamel raised to 2.5m with A-9 and Michael Mizrachi moved all-in. Duhamel called it off and was flipping against a daring 3-3.

The flop came a punching K-9-5 which paired Duhamel and left Mizrachi drawing to two outs. The pot would put Duhamel back up with Joseph Cheong and leave Mizrachi with less than half of his peak 68m stack.

The turn was another nine to give Duhamel trips but it changed nothing in the hand - a three was still the only card to save Mizrachi's stack. The river was a jack and Duhamel's crowd roared their chants as he doubled up in the largest pot of the tournament.

The chip counts for the final five players are as follows:

Joseph "subiime" Cheong - 67,900,000

Jonathan Duhamel - 53,900,000

John Racener - 38,900,000

Filippo Candio - 29,700,000

Michael Mizrachi - 28,400,000

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