Jason Senti doubles up through Joseph Cheong

Jason Senti doubles up through Joseph Cheong

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jason Senti embodied the "play to win" attitude that makes good poker tournament players great today, immediately letting the table know that he wasn't going to fold up the pay ladder. He chipped up before eliminating Soi Nguyen and seemed well posed to make a run of it.

He then diminished back down to barely 10,000,000 and began his push/fold strategy again. All in with Kd-7s he found a caller in chip leader Joseph Cheong, who put the chips in with Ac-9c.

The Jd-6s-3d flop was no help for either player and the Ad on the turn gave Cheong a more solidified lead. The ten of diamonds on the river, however, backdoored Senti the nut flush and his crowd roared as he doubles up at the expense of 'subiime' who drops to second in chips once more.

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